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Spy Glasses

Discreetly record what you see with RecorderGear spy glasses. Designed with a well hidden camera, these spy camera glasses are ideal for covertly recording footage wherever you go, capturing personal interactions or even potential crimes.

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  • Professional Hidden camera glasses front view

    CG300 Spy Camera Glasses

    From: $129.00

    The CG300 is a unique model of camera glasses. They offer amazingly powerful video capturing capabilities while still maintaining an amazingly discreet and low-profile. The actual camera portion of the glasses (located between the lenses) is nearly undetectable.

    HD 720P @ 30fps | 50° Angle
    Up to 90mins Battery Life
    Built-in Memory | 16GB/32GB
    Time/Date Stamp
    MAC & Windows Compatible
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  • Professional Hidden camera glasses front view

    CG1000 Professional Spy Camera Glasses

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    The CG1000 is the only spy camera glasses on the market that that feature an interchangeable battery system. The glasses arm is removable and has a built-in lithium ion battery; two batteries/arms are included with your purchase (additional batteries can be purchased).

    HD 1080P / 720P | 72° Angle
    Rechargeable Batteries
    100% Discreet
    Built in Memory Storage
    Integrated Lithium-Ion Battery
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Camera glasses are unique body worn cameras that allow wearers to have video similar to their perspective. Hidden camera glasses are used for covert recording, action video/sport recording, and more! Though one pair of glasses can be used for multiple purposes, RecorderGear carries camera glasses that are specifically designed to be exceptional at discreet recording and glasses that are ideal for action.

Our sport camera glasses prioritize sturdiness, durability, and/or footage quality to immortalize your memories. These glasses will take video wherever you go, letting you relive that vacation or concert again and again. RecorderGear spy glasses cameras are even more covert, with priority on keeping the hidden camera hidden.

Protect what’s important to you with RecorderGear.

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