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Body Worn Cameras

Body worn cameras are not only for law enforcement and police, but for the average consumer as well. A body camera can be used to covertly capture evidence in the case of a crime or to back up an insurance claim. On the other hand, these wearable cameras can also record concerts, extreme sports, and other activities.

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  • 1080P Extreme Spy Pen Camera

    HD2 Ultra 2K HD Camera Pen

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    The HD2 records at an incredible 2K resolution making it one of the most advanced, professional grade camera pens on the market. It can also record in HD 1080P and 720P modes.

    Ultra 2k / 1080P / 720P | 60° Angle
    Motion | Continuous | Audio Only Modes
    Time/Date | Title/Label Display
    Loop Recording | 100% Discreet
    High Frame rate of 60 FPS
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  • Black hat hidden camera

    HC100 1080P Hidden Spy Camera Hat

    From: $109.00
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    The HC100 is powerful 1080P hidden spy camera built into a plain black baseball style cap. The camera lens is completely hidden into the front of the bill of the hat.

    HD 1080P @ 30fps | 60° Lens
    Continuous Recording | Photo Taking Mode
    Up to 2hr Battery Life | Records While Plugged In
    Time/Date Stamp | Loop Recording
    100% Discreet Expandable Memory
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  • Black body worn camera front view

    PC900 2K HD Professional Body Worn Camera

    From: $129.00
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    The PC900 is a feature packed professional body worn camera used by law enforcement. Record in full 2K resolution at 30fps or record in 1080P/720P. View what you are recording on the 1.5” LCD screen or change the device settings.

    Ultra HD 2K / 1080P / 720P @ 30fps | 85° Lens
    Continuous | Motion Activation
    Infrared/Night Vision | Time/Date
    Up to 5hr Battery Life | WiFi/App Control
    1.5” LCD Screen | HDMI Output | Loop Record
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  • 1080P Extreme Spy Pen Camera

    HD500 1080P Extreme Spy Pen Camera

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    If you’ve never considered what you could do with a pen camera, then it’s time you took a look at the HD500 pen camera capable of recording in fast action at 60fps.

    HD 1080P / 720P | 65° Angle
    High Frame Rate 60fps
    100% Discreet | Time/Date Stamp
    Continuous Video | Photo Taking| Audio Recording
    Customizable Video Settings
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  • Professional Hidden camera glasses front view

    CG300 Spy Camera Glasses

    From: $129.00

    The CG300 is a unique model of camera glasses. They offer amazingly powerful video capturing capabilities while still maintaining an amazingly discreet and low-profile. The actual camera portion of the glasses (located between the lenses) is nearly undetectable.

    HD 720P @ 30fps | 50° Angle
    Up to 90mins Battery Life
    Built-in Memory | 16GB/32GB
    Time/Date Stamp
    MAC & Windows Compatible
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  • Professional Hidden camera glasses front view

    CG1000 Professional Spy Camera Glasses

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    The CG1000 is the only spy camera glasses on the market that that feature an interchangeable battery system. The glasses arm is removable and has a built-in lithium ion battery; two batteries/arms are included with your purchase (additional batteries can be purchased).

    HD 1080P / 720P | 72° Angle
    Rechargeable Batteries
    100% Discreet
    Built in Memory Storage
    Integrated Lithium-Ion Battery
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At RecorderGear, we understand that the protection of your home and business is of utmost importance. That is why we specialize in bringing you the highest quality hidden camera security products on the market.

Our hidden cameras are known for their dependability and ease of use. They are designed to be completely discreet and virtually undetectable, and offer a variety of features to meet your individualized needs. Some of our most popular covert cameras are hidden Wifi remote viewing cameras, hidden clock cameras, wall-powered hidden ac adapter cameras, and body worn police cameras.

Whether you want to have evidence in case of a break-in or keep an eye on the nanny watching your kids with a nanny camera, RecorderGear has a camera to meet your needs. To help you simplify your search, here are some of the perks of different hidden cameras.

Wifi hidden cameras are the perfect option if you want peace of mind while on vacation, at work, or otherwise away from home. With internet access, these cameras can be easily viewed anywhere in the world from your phone, laptop, or other connected devices. With the ability to set up motion-detection alerts, these devices can update you real-time so you know exactly what’s happening, when it’s happening.

Non-Wifi cameras are standalone — the footage captured is stored internally and not viewable remotely. Oftentimes, Non-Wifi hidden cameras have great battery life and don’t always need to be plugged in to last for extended periods of time.

Body Worn cameras are not only for law enforcement, but for the average consumer as well. A body camera can be used to covertly capture evidence in the case of a crime or to back up an insurance claim. However, these wearable cameras can also record concerts, extreme sports, and other activities. Body cameras can be worn directly on your person as hats, sunglasses, and more.

Protect what’s important to you with RecorderGear.

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