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Camera Pens

Disguised as a simple everyday item, a hidden camera pen is perfect for discreet recording. Capture candid high-quality video and photos at family events, or otherwise use it as a spy camera. RecorderGear camera pens all record video, and some record audio separately as well.

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  • 1080P Extreme Spy Pen Camera

    HD2 Ultra 2K HD Camera Pen

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    The HD2 records at an incredible 2K resolution making it one of the most advanced, professional grade camera pens on the market. It can also record in HD 1080P and 720P modes.

    Ultra 2k / 1080P / 720P | 60° Angle
    Motion | Continuous | Audio Only Modes
    Time/Date | Title/Label Display
    Loop Recording | 100% Discreet
    High Frame rate of 60 FPS
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  • 1080P Extreme Spy Pen Camera

    HD500 1080P Extreme Spy Pen Camera

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    If you’ve never considered what you could do with a pen camera, then it’s time you took a look at the HD500 pen camera capable of recording in fast action at 60fps.

    HD 1080P / 720P | 65° Angle
    High Frame Rate 60fps
    100% Discreet | Time/Date Stamp
    Continuous Video | Photo Taking| Audio Recording
    Customizable Video Settings
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Recording pens are among the most versatile of recording devices. Disguised as nothing more than a simple everyday item, pen recorders can easily be taken with you wherever you go without anyone suspecting they are anything more than a writing utensil. Recording pens can be stored in a briefcase, slipped in a pocket, or left at home for home security.

RecorderGear has voice recording pens, spy camera pens, and those that have a hidden camera with audio. The all-in-one camera pens with microphones can record either video or audio, allowing them to be effective in a variety of situations. Camera pens work well when you only need to record video or snap photos and voice recorder pens are used solely for audio recording and typically have longer lasting battery life.

Note: Covert audio recording is legal in the majority of the United States as long as one person knows of the recording. However, a few states require all parties to be aware if they are being recorded. Check your state’s laws before covertly recording audio. Discreet video recording is legal in most places throughout the U.S.

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