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AC80W 1080P WiFi AC Adapter Hidden IP Camera


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The AC80W is an indoor 1080P AC Adapter hidden camera designed to protect what’s important to you by providing 24/7 surveillance, app control/remote viewing, and capturing footage.

HD 1080P @ 25fps | 90° & 15° Upward Angle
WiFi IP Camera | WiFi App
Motion Activation | Continuous Recording
Time/Date Stamp | Wall Powered | 24/7 Surveillance
Loop Recording | Email Alerts (Motion Activated)
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Instruction Manual

PDF copy of the User Manual.

Product Brochure

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1-Year Warranty

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The AC80W is an indoor 1080P AC Adapter hidden camera designed to protect what’s important to you by providing 24/7 surveillance, app control/remote viewing, and capturing footage. Connect it to the RecorderGear App to view a high quality video stream, control/record, and get motion activated alerts (from anywhere in the world). The camera is located in the front of the device and is tilted at a 15° upward angle for the most effective surveillance footage (assuming most people will be plugging it in near the ground).

The AC80W supports up to a 128GB micro SD card (not included) and all surveillance footage is recorded to the card; video clips can also be recorded and stored on your iOS/Android device. Enable loop recording so surveillance is never stopped due to a full memory card; enjoy the safety of 24/7 monitoring! The AC80W has unlimited operating time, operates off of a wall-outlet to ensure uninterrupted surveillance. Display the time/date on videos to know exactly when each one took place. Access & view footage stored on the SD card through the RecorderGear APP, or remove the card and playback on your computer.

The AC80W acts as a AC adapter so you can charge electronics while capturing high quality surveillance footage. You also have the ability to turn off any indicator lights for more covert recording. Receive motion activated screenshot alerts directly to your phone or email (set frequency & sensitivity); feel safe even when you’re far from home. Connect multiple RecorderGear brand cameras to the RecorderGear app to keep all your surveillance in one place and easily accessible. Protect what’s important to you with RecorderGear.


HD 1080P @ 25fps | 90° & 15° Upward Angle
Records footage in clear HD video at 1080P @ 25fps with a 90° angle. The lens is tilted up at a 15° angle to capture video more effectively when plugged into an outlet near the ground.

WiFi IP Camera | RecorderGear App
Connect this device to a home/business Wi-Fi network to view live video through the RecorderGear App (iOS/Android device) from anywhere in the world. Users can also start/stop video recording or change the device’s settings from their iOS/Android device.

Motion Activation | Continuous Recording
Capture footage more efficiently in motion activation mode; it will only record video when motion is detected. In continuous mode, this device records video whether motion is detected or not.

Email Alerts (Motion Activated)
Receive an email with a video screenshot when motion is detected. These alerts can also be sent through the iOS/Android RecorderGear App.

Wall Powered | 24/7 Surveillance
Offers a powerful surveillance solution; since it is powered by a wall outlet users can monitor continuously around the clock.

Time/Date Stamp | Loop Recording
Display the time/date on surveillance footage to know exactly when each one took place. Set to automatically record over the oldest video files, so the recordings are never stopped even when the memory fills up.

Expandable Memory
There is no need to worry about running out of memory. This device accepts an SD card up to 128GB memory card.

Professional RecorderGear Brand
The RecorderGear brand can promise nothing less than the most advanced, professional grade products on the market.


  • HD 1080P @ 25fps | 90° & 15° Upward Angle
  • WiFi IP Camera | RecorderGear App
  • Motion Activation | Continuous Recording
  • Email Alerts (Motion Activated)
  • Wall Powered | 24/7 Surveillance
  • Time/Date Stamp | Loop Recording
  • Expandable Memory
  • Professional RecorderGear Brand


– AC80W AC Adapter Camera
– US, UK, Euro, AU Interchangeable Plugs
– Micro SD Card Converter
– User Manual

* To comply with 18 U.S. Code § 2512 federal law, audio recording has been removed  from this device; this device is 100% legal to use in the USA. 


This camera is compatible with the RecorderGear App; view/control it from iOS/Android Device. Search for the app “RecorderGear”








Video Resolution: 1080P / 480P/ 240P
FPS | Lens Angle: 30fps | 90°
Video Format: AVI
Photo Resolution: n/a
Recording Modes: Continuous / Motion Detection 
Recording Segment Lengths: 1, 3, 5, 10 mins 
Video Size (Storage): 68 mins per GB
Memory Size / Type: Up to 128GB / MicroSD
Power Source: Outlet
Battery Life: n/a
Battery Size: n/a
Remote Control: No
WiFi Control / App Yes
Live IP Camera: Yes
Records Audio: Optional
Night Vision: No
Loop Recording: Yes
Time/Date Stamp: Yes
HDMI Output: No
Data/Charging Port: n/a
Weight | Dimensions: 2.2oz | 2×1.3×3″
Compatibility: Windows, Mac/ iOS, Android
Brand: RecorderGear™

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